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Rendra Zawawi is an award-winning music composer, songwriter, producer, and musician who has had his work featured on international shores including the US, UK, Japan, and the Southeast Asia region. The LA-based composer is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in Contemporary Writing and Production, with additional studies in songwriting and video game music.
As a composer, his scoring works include Tunku Mona’s “Uri” and commercial “Buli”, Danielle Rowlee’s “Enough” and Roger Liew’s “Nomad” (Hollyshorts Festival 2016). His upcoming works include Roger Liew’s and Meghan Weinstein’s upcoming web series “Autopilot” and “My Delivery Guy”, and award-winning director Thiyagaraja’s upcoming short film “Menunggu”. Rendra has also written and produced theme songs for Malaysian telemovies such as “Kalau Dah Perempuan”, “Ana, Aku dan Aiman”, “Pulang Sayang”, and “Tarbiah Cinta” featuring Dina Nadzir, runner-up of Malaysian Idol 2004.
His latest arrangement of “Arena Cahaya” was co-produced and co-written alongside internationally acclaimed award-winning singer-songwriter Zee Avi (Bitterheart, Honeybee, Concrete Wall). Arena Cahaya is the theme song for the highly-anticipated film “Ola Bola”, directed by Chiu (award-winning director for the highest grossing movie in Malaysia’s box office, “The Journey”). The song has since been awarded best theme song for the Malaysian Film Festival 2016. Rendra also collaborated with Zee Avi on the “Oreo – Sing With Me” jingle which has amassed widespread recognition in the Southeast Asia region. As a producer, he also worked on singer-songwriter Razlan Shah’s single “Seperti Baru”. Alongside “Arena Cahaya”, the production of “Seperti Baru” also features a collaboration with mix engineer Alvin Wee (Kungfu Panda 3, Metal Gear Solid 5, Final Fantasy 13-3).
As a musician and artist, Rendra released his EP “Faceless”, for which he produced, composed, and sang, in 2012 . The song “Faceless” and the music video was nominated for ‘Best Rock Song’ and ‘Best Music Video’ respectively for VIMA Awards 2013. The song was also in the top three of Malaysian English Top 10 charts for two months. Rendra’s singing credits include being featured as an act for Rock The World 2010, opening act for legendary folk troubadour M.Nasir at the Ambassador Theatre Hall in Dublin, Rhythm Of The Universe 2013 Concert at Boston’s Box Festival, as well as Nobuo Uematsu’s Final Fantasy Distant World Concert at the Boston Symphony Hall, conducted by Arnie Roth. In 2003, Rendra was the runner-up winner for the duet singing reality show ‘Superstars’ on NTV7 Malaysia. To date, Rendra has performed over 50 live shows around the world including US, UK, Japan, and Malaysia.
Rendra serves as a music consultant and representative for ‘Sound Leadership’, a company endorsed by MIT and Berklee, founded by Dr. Johannes Flecker to help develop organizational skills with musical storytelling.
Apart from working on his personal projects, Rendra also serves as an assistant to Emmy-winning composer and Grammy-nominated musician Mac Quayle, working on shows such as USA Network’s Golden Globe Winner “Mr. Robot”, FX’s “American Horror Story: Hotel” & “American Crime Story”, as well as FOX’s “Scream Queens”. Rendra has also worked with Oscar-winning film composer Yuval Ron on several projects, including as a music editor on the international feature film “The Evil That Men Do” and as a music engineer for some of Yuval’s other works.
In his free time, Rendra enjoys exploring coffee spots or taking a trip to Santa Monica for a good dose of Bulletproof Coffee. He is also a crossfit freak.
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